Monday, December 9, 2019

Bitcointalk is an Internet forum dedicated to the discussion of bitcoinblockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The forum was initially created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin on Nov 22, 2009

Satoshi Nakamoto created the bitcointalk forum and posted the first message in 2009 under the pseudonym "satoshi".
The first bitcoin transaction took place at the forum, when software programmer Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 bitcoins to purchase pizza, three days later a deal could be arranged to purchase two pizzas.
The commonly used cryptocurrency-trader meme "HODL" originated from a 2013 bitcointalk forum post.
Initial coin offerings are sometimes announced at the forum.
A 2016 study by researchers from the University of New Mexico, and University of Tulsa, Oklahoma identified 1780 scams, based on forum reports. There is a demand for more privileges for older user accounts. Traded accounts were reportedly used to scam people.
Bitcoin talk is one of the most active forums in the cryptocurrency community. This is a great place for newbies to hang out and get a feel for the crypto community and find tons of amazing information to get them started.

It’s also the perfect place for experts in their field to discuss new innovations and technology and to share knowledge and information with each other regarding the actual project development.
Here, users will find a Reddit style forum set specifically for the discussion of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain technology.

There are a lot of “shilling” (crypto speak for marketing) going on here, so you need to weed through what it just marketing talks sometimes. Its not uncommon for ICO projects to post here several times a day trying to lure in investors.

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