Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Earn Free Bitcoin here

The easiest way to earn Bitcoin and Altcoins is via Faucets.

Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies.

However, the most annoying part is you will need to accumulate a certain amount of BTC before you can make a withdrawal to your wallet. Here come in the microwallet to solve this problem. The faucets can send the BTC to your microwallet so that you can accumulate the BTC faster in microwallet from multiple faucets.

One of the most popular microwallet is Faucethub which can provide your withdrawal to reach your BTC wallet within 24hours. It has a list of Faucets for your choice. Below are the most easiest claim faucets which i have been using. Remember to register Faucethub before you can claim the faucet.

The below are the faucets that I filtered out which is the most profitable.


Complete all these 7 faucets take you 5min and you can get around 300 satoshi. Then repeat again and again. You can simply earn upto 10000 satoshi like I did.


Faucethub is a microwallet service which essentially helps users and website owners store funds and transfer funds to each other in a secured way without going through the process of blockchain which uses fees for each and every transfer. The owner is a great guy and very active and helpful. The support team and moderators deserve the same reputation also. If you have still not opened up an account in Faucethub, you are losing out on too much bitcoins.
Using Faucethub is easy, but new users or beginners stumble on the first step. In this very short guide I will tell you exactly how to do start with it and what you need to do.
You do it as you will with any websites. The only thing you need in addition is a bitcoin wallet address. If you still do not have it. See how to get one here.
Connecting your account:
In Faucethub, you need to connect your present bitcoin address. What happens is this:
There are several sites that pay to Faucethub account. What it means is Faucethub generates an address of itself corresponding to the bitcoin address that you add to your Faucethub account. So, when these sites pay, they pay to the corresponding address that you have with Faucethub. All these goes on in the background and you won’t see it. When a site asks you to put in your “Faucethub Account” It means that you put in the same address (bitcoin wallet address / litecoin wallet address / dogecoin wallet address) that you have linked with your Faucethub.
Suppose your bitcoin wallet address is : XYZ123
In Faucethub you add this address.
Now, when a site tells you to put in your Facuethub address, you put in XYZ123.
When the site sends you bitcoins you will get bitcoins in your Faucethub address XYZ123.
You do not get your bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet address XYZ123. For that, you need to withdraw your funds from Facuethub account to your bitcoin wallet address.
For withdrawing your funds, you need to go to your Faucethub account and then withdraw to your bitcoin address XYZ123.
If you have many other bitcoin address such as: ABC123, DEF123, UVW123 and you put any of these address in the sites that ask for your Faucethub address, you won’t get the funds in your bitcoin address since these addresses are not linked to your Faucethub account.
You can link multiple addresses to your Faucethub account.
Linking an address to your Faucethub account:
Once you signup and login, you will see your dashboard by default. Click on the tab “Wallet Addresses” Then below you will see a space to put in your wallet address that you want to link to Faucethub.

Faucethub deals with Bitcoin(btc), Litecoin(ltc) and Dogecoin(doge) cryptocurrency systems. So, after putting your wallet address, you have to select the type of currency it is “btc/ltc/doge”.
Then just below click the “Link This Address” button.
Now you are done.

I’m not going to explain all what you can do in the site as those are pretty self-explanatory and will be a waste of your time. Search the tabs, and read the help and FAQs. Before using chat read the chat rules on the “?” button just above chat.
Faucethub allows you to earn from faucets, games, Chat, offers and surveys, click on ads etc, and your earnings are added to your Faucethub address. Being active on Faucethub chat also gives you a chance to get satoshis from the uncountable users with a big heart who decides to rain. The default rain is caused by Faucethub “rainmaster”. “Rain” is actually the act where users / Faucethub tips multiple other users and is a way of conveying appreciation or just saying “thank you”. Faucethub also has a website dedicated to getting sure rains for visiting faucets. Got to it (Rainpool) from here, or (read first on how to use rainpool on my rainpool guide by clicking here).  You can also open a faucet for yourself at Faucethub too and the process is very simple and well explained.
Hoping you best of luck with Faucethub!

Now you can start to claim BTC from the below faucets

The below are the faucets that I filtered out which is the most profitable.

Complete all these 7 faucets take you 5min and you can get around 300 satoshi. Then repeat again and again. You can simply earn upto 10000 satoshi like I did.


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